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Aluminium Fluoride

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Mainchin Chemicals is one of the leading global supplier of Aluminium Fluoride (AlF3) in both LBD and HBD grades. We are one Stop Shop for Aluminium Fluoride (LBD and HBD).

Aluminium Fluoride (AlF3) – LBD and HBD is one of the important key material and used as flux in the production of primary Aluminium metal and manufactured through dry process using Fluorspar and Aluminium Hydrate as a raw material. In this process, high density Aluminium fluoride is produced which is preferred for modern Aluminium smelters in world. This is of critical importance as it lowers electricity consumption during the smelting process. Consequently, primary Aluminium Smelters are the biggest users of Aluminium Fluoride.

It is also used in few locations as an additive to Aluminium Metal crucible before entering into the cast house furnaces to reduce alkali metals like Sodium and/or Lithium, and Ceramic industries.

Our Aluminium Fluoride can improve the quality of aluminium ingots and reduce production costs because of their high fluorine content and low impurity content.

We can supply Aluminium Fluoride as per customers requirement and the product specifications given below for HBD and LBD grade is for reference and further customisation can be possible.

Product Description

Aluminium Fluoride is colourless solid inorganic compounds with the formula AlF3·xH2O.

Other Name : Aluminium Trifluoride, Aluminium Fluoride Anhydrous, Aluminium Fluoride LBD,  Aluminium Fluoride HBD
Chemical Formula : AlF3
CAS Registry Number : 7784-18-1
EINECS Number : 232-051-1
HS Code : 28261200
Molecular Weight : 83.977 g/mol (anhydrous)
Density : 3.10 g/cm3 (anhydrous)
Melting Point : 1,291° C
Appearance : White Crystalline Solid Odorless
Structural Formula :
Capacity : More than 2,00,000 Tons / Year
Types of Aluminium Fluoride (ALF3)
  • HBD (High Bulk Density) Grade
  • LBD (Low Bulk Density) Grade

Aluminium Fluoride – HBD

Product Specifications

Characteristics Chemicals Units HBD
Aluminium Fluoride AlF3 % 90 Min.
Alumina Oxide Al2O3 % 9.00 Max.
Phosphorous P2O5 % 0.03 Max.
Silica SiO2 % 0.28 Max.
Iron Fe203 % 0.05 Max.
Sulphate SO3 % 0.5 Max.
Sodium Oxide Na2O % 0.67 Max.
Calcium Oxide CaO % 0.068 Max.
Loss on ignition at 5000C for ½ hr % 1.00 Max.
Bulk  Density Kg/m3 1350 Min.
Flowability Sec 60 Max.
+ 20 Mess % Nil Max.
-325 % 25 Max.

Aluminium Fluoride – LBD

Product Specifications
Characteristics Chemicals Units LBD
Aluminium Fluoride AlF3 % 95 Min.
Alumina Oxide Al2O3 % 5.00 Max.
Phosphorous P2O5 % 0.02 Max.
Silica SiO2 % 0.15 Max.
Iron Fe203 % 0.03 Max.
Sulphate SO3 % 0.15 Max.
Loss on ignition at 5000C for ½ hr % 1.00 Max.
Bulk  Density Kg/m3 750 Min.
Sieve Analysis on ASTM Sieves (Microns)
+ 20 ( > 850 ) % Nil Max.
+ 100 ( > 150 ) % 20 Max.
+ 200 ( >   75 ) % 95 Max.
+ 325 ( >   45 ) % 5 Max.

  • Small Bags – 25 Kg and 50 Kg
  • Big Bags – 750 Kg and 1000 Kg
  • Bulk Bags – 1200 Kg and 1500 Kg
  • Customised packaging as per customers requirement can be possible. 

Aluminium fluoride is an important additive for the production of aluminium by electrolysis. Together with cryolite, it lowers the melting point to below 1000 °C and increases the conductivity of the solution. It is into this molten salt that aluminium oxide is dissolved and then electrolyzed to give bulk Al metal.

  • Aluminium Industry – used as a flux in reducing the melting point of Alumina during the electrolytic process of producing Aluminium. It is also used as an additive to Aluminium Metal crucible before entering into the cast house furnaces to reduce alkali metals like Sodium and/or Lithium
  • Alcohol Production – used as an inhibitor of by-fermentation
  • Metal Welding – it is used for welding fluids and optical lenses
  • It is used as catalyst for organic synthesis and raw material for artificial cryolite
  • Ceramics Industry – as flux for ceramic glaze and enamel glaze, and a component of glaze powder
  • Non-Ferrous Industry – as a flux
  • In the aluminium electrolysis industry, it is used to reduce the melting temperature of the electrolyte and increase the conductivity of the electrolyte
  • as well as an inhibitor for side-fermentation in essential oil production.
  • Fluoroaluminate Glasses – Together with zirconium fluoride, aluminium fluoride is an ingredient for the production
  • It is also used to inhibit fermentation.

Aluminium Fluoride – used as a low-index optical thin film, particularly when far UV transparency is required. Its deposition by physical vapor deposition, particularly by evaporation, is favourable.

To know more about our Aluminium Fluoride (AlF3) – HBD and LBD Grades and their product specifications and MSDS, apart from our typical products we can supply customised tailer made quality as per customers requirement, please click below.

Mainchin Chemicals, Top Global Supplier of Aluminium Fluoride, Aluminium Fluoride LBD, Aluminium Fluoride HBD.

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