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Calcium Carbide

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Pure Calcium Carbide is a colorless and odorless solid with the chemical formula CaC2. Calcium Carbide, also known as calcium acetylide, is a chemical compound with the chemical formula of CaC2 and mainly used in industrial production of acetylene, calcium hydroxide and calcium cyanamide. Also used in the desulfurization of iron.

Commercial Calcium Carbide, however, may present a relatively wide range of colours depending on the impurities present (usually calcium, magnesium, and other oxides). CaC2 is a chemical compound with a chemical name Calcium Carbide. It is also known as calcium acetylide, phenyl glyceryl ether diacetate, and glycerol phenyl ether diacetate. Calcium Carbide in its pure form appears as a colourless crystalline solid and is a rock-like structure at room temperature.

Chemical Structure :
Chemical (IUPAC) Name : Calcium Acetylide, Calcium Ethynediide
Trade Name : Calcium Carbide
Chemical Formula : CaC2
Synonyms : Calcium percarbide, Calcium carbide, Calcium dicarbide
Appearance : White powder to grey/black crystals
Molar mass : 64.099 g/mol
Melting point : 2,160 °C (3,920 °F; 2,430 K)
Boiling point : 2,300 °C (4,170 °F; 2,570 K)
Density : 2.22 g/cm3
CAS Registry Number : 75-20-7
EINECS Number : 200-848-3
HS Code : 28491000


ITEM Gas Yield Size Percentage
Size (in mm) BEST A grade ACCEPTABLE GRADE
Gas Yield 20°C 101.3 Kpa L/kg ≥ 2 – 4 mm 260 240 220  ≥90
4 – 7 mm 280 260 240
7- 15 mm 290 270 250
15 – 25 mm 300 285 260
25 – 30 mm 300 295 280
50 – 80 mm 300 295 280
80 – 200 mm 300 295 280
PH3%(V/V) ≤  0.032
H2S%(V/V) ≤  0.015
Caution: Calcium carbide is hazardousgoods, too many ashes will cause explosion, so the ash content should be strictly controlled
Particle Size of Calcium Carbide – CaC2

2 – 4 mm, 4 – 7 mm, 7 – 15 mm, 15 – 25 mm, 25 – 50 mm, 50 – 80 mm, 80 – 120 mm

Gas Yield of Calcium Carbide – CaC2

210 L/KG, 230 L/KG, 260 L/KG, 295 L/KG as per particle size  

Production of Calcium Carbide – CaC2

Production of calcium carbide in industries is as follows.

  • The mixture used is coke and lime
  • Temperature range is set at approximately 2,200 °C
  • The entire process is carried out in an electric arc furnace
  • This compound is widely used in the manufacture of acetylene, calcium hydroxide and calcium cyanamide.
Application and Uses of Calcium Carbide (CaC2)
  • Calcium Carbide mainly used to produce acetylene gas. Acetylene produced by the reaction of calcium carbide with water can be used to synthesize many organic compounds, such as synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, acetone, ketene, carbon black, etc
  • Heating the powdered calcium carbide and nitrogen, the reaction of calcium cyanamide, namely lime nitrogen, cyanide salt and lime nitrogen heating melt reaction for mining gold and nonferrous metal industry.
  • Calcium carbide itself can be used in the iron and steel industry desulfurizer.
  • Production of polyvinyl choride (PVC).
  • It is also used for organic synthesis, oxyacetylene welding etc
  • In the production of Calcium Hydroxide and Acetylene.
  • Used in the production of Polyvinyl Chloride as Acetylene the derivative of Calcium Carbide can be used as a raw material for the production of PVC.
  • Used to produce Calcium Cyanamide.
  • Used in the removal of Sulphur from Iron. The removal of sulphur from any material is called desulphurization.
  • It is used in lamps such as carbide lamps.
  • Used as a ripening agent like ethylene.
  • It is used in bamboo cannons as well as big-bang cannons.
  • Steelmaking, it is used as a deoxidizer i.e it helps in the removal of oxygen during the manufacturing of steel.

Packed in 50kg iron drums or 100kg iron drums
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