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Sulfuric Acid

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Chemical (IUPAC) Name : Sulfuric Acid
Trade Name : Sulphuric Acid, Sulfuric Acid
Synonyms : Hydrogen sulfate, Oil of vitriol
Chemical Formula : H₂SO₄
Appearance : Colorless Oily Liquid
Odor : Odorless
Molar mass : 98.079 g/mol
Density : 1.8302 g/cm3, liquid
CAS Registry Number : 7664-93-9
EINECS Number : 231-639-5
HS Code : 28 – 2807 – 28070010
Chemical Structure :

Sulfuric Acid also known as Sulphuric Acid (H₂SO₄) and called oil of vitriol, or hydrogen sulfate, dense, colourless, oily, corrosive liquid; is a mineral acid composed of the elements sulfur, oxygen and hydrogen, with molecular formula H2SO4, one of the most commercially important of all chemicals.

Sulphuric Acid, used in the manufacture of fertilizers, pigments, dyes, drugs, explosives, detergents, and inorganic salts and acids, as well as in petroleum refining and metallurgical processes. In one of its most familiar applications, sulfuric acid serves as the electrolyte in lead-acid storage batteries. It is a colourless and viscous liquid that is soluble in water and is synthesized in reactions that are highly exothermic. Sulfuric acid is also a key substance in the chemical industry. It is most commonly used in fertilizer manufacture, but is also important in mineral processing, oil refining, wastewater processing, and chemical synthesis. It has a wide range of end applications including in domestic acidic drain cleaners, as an electrolyte in lead-acid batteries, in dehydrating a compound, and in various cleaning agents.


Assay 98% w/w minimum
Residue on ignition 0.2% w/w maximum
Fe content 0.05% w/w maximum
Pb content 0.005% w/w maximum
Boiling point 335°C
Melting point -64°C (98% purity)
Specific gravity 1.84 at 20°C
Vapour density 3.4 (air-1)

Sulfuric Acid is a highly corrosive and colourless liquid. It is soluble in water with liberating heat.


The major use of sulfuric acid is in the production of fertilizers, e.g., superphosphate of lime and ammonium sulfate. It is widely used in the manufacture of chemicals, e.g., in making hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfate salts, synthetic detergents, dyes and pigments, explosives, and drugs. Intermediate for chemicals and dyes.


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