About Mainchin

Mainchin Chemicals, One Stop Solution for Chemicals.

Mainchin, trusted global partner for Chemicals.

As chemicals need arises, Mainchin comes in mind for the solution.

Mainchin, itself a solution for chemical raw materials need of industries across the globe.

Trusted Partner, thus building a worthy long-term business relationship. Mainchin Global Partner of Trust and One Stop Solution for raw material needs of industries.

Mainchin promoted with aim to provide one stop raw material sourcing solutions to diverse industries globally and be their partner of trust. Mainchin is the fastest-growing company in sourcing solution segment globally, a truly global organization and trusted partner with base in India and China, dedicated to enabling small, medium and large sized companies fulfilling their raw material procurements with Right Products with Right Price at Right Time and well delivering major and sustainable value to our clients. Our biggest strength lies in its integrity, ethical values and unique team coherence. We believe in best quality, on time delivery with utmost satisfaction of our customer at optimum economy.

We offer our customers truly global capabilities and expertise together with own and partners whose advanced technologies, operating strategies and core values are so  well matched with ours. We understand the need for constant systems monitoring process refinements to meet competitive technological and environmental challenges. We are engaged into manufacturing and marketing of diverse products for different industries.

Key industries where we widely providing raw materials sourcing solution are Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Food, FMCG, Aluminium & Copper, Fertilisers, Pesticides & Insecticides, Soaps & Detergent, Tyre & Rubber, Iron & Steel, Glass, Dyes & Pigments, Polymers & Plastics, Ceramics & Tiles, Textile & Clothing, Paints & Varnishes, Ink & Coating, Leather & Tanning, Automobiles, Power and others

Our key product is Chemicals which is used almost everywhere in our life as well as in industries to name few Soda Ash, Caustic Soda, Critic Acid, Aluminium Fluoride, Calcium Carbide, Carbon Black, Acetic Acid, Coal Tar Pitch, Calcium Carbonate, Sulphuric Acid, Phenol, Sodium Sulphate, Linear Alkyl Benzene, Acetone, Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (API), Carbon & Graphite and other chemicals.

At Mainchin Chemicals, We believe Customer First and have customer’s interest at heart, which is why we ensure transparency and control over finding the sourcing solutions, which must suit to the requirement based on Right Products, best Quality at competitive and affordable Price with scheduled uninterrupted deliveries with consistency as we associate with customers for long-term. We provides a basket of services and end-to-end solutions to customers. 

Our core business is to support small, medium and large companies source products and manufacturing across the globe. We also facilitate small and start-up organizations to go global and provide marketing supports and arrange joint ventures globally.

Our foundation lies on core values such as; integrity, transparency and excellence in execution. We believe integrity is a basis for all we do and this is evident in the decisions we make and the way we work. We believe that if we deliver exceptional results for our clients and execute projects excellently. Whether your objective is to buy competitively from promising markets for export or local operations or to gain global purchase intelligence to make the best decisions, Mainchin Chemicals is your partner of trust. 

We continues to grow in a variety of market segments responding to the fast changing needs of its customers with unrivalled customer service and utmost satisfaction. We continues to develop business segment by way of establishing joint ventures, exclusive representation, distribution and business development for products directed at emerging markets.

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