Partnering with Suppliers to deliver superior value

Mainchin Chemicals believes that long-term strategic supplier relationships are key to bringing innovations to market faster and better than the competition, which is why we maintains alliances and long term agreements with globally renowned, acclaimed and large manufactures forsupplies, to ensure smooth, uninterrupted and on time supplies at consistent and best quality and price.

Working together

Mainchin works together with our suppliers and support them in their pursuit of continuous improvement and operational excellence. At the same time, we expect our suppliers to meet the highest standards in terms of quality, ethics and sustainability.


Message from Paayal Kumarri, Chief Procurement Officer, about the importance of Mainchin supply partners

Procurement plays very vital role in today’s challenging and dynamic environment and its role is unique and filled with opportunities to impact the world around us positively. At Mainchin Chemicals, It’s our endeavour to take deep understanding of materials, ingredients, the value chain and the supply with purpose of making sustainable living commonplace.

As a business we believe that brands with purpose grow, and we know that achieving this growth will require help from everyone in our value chain. Mainchin Chemicals works with number of suppliers globally and it’s crucial to us that every single one of these supply partners helps us to create the value, capacity and capability we need to provide best raw material solutions to our customers love in the most responsible way possible.

Our relationships with our vendors suppliers are founded upon long-term association, transparency, clear accountability and trust

Part of growing responsibly is making sure all Mainchin Chemicals suppliers work in line with our  standards around responsible sourcing, sustainability and human rights. We rely on the expertise and integrity of our supply partners to lead our sourcing solution to new heights together.

Suppliers are critical to Mainchin Chemicals success in delivering quality Products through their supply of materials, products and services
Mainchin Chemicals want to work with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability, We collaborate closely with our suppliers to drive sustainable improvements throughout the value chain

Through our strong partnerships truly based on mutual benefit, we hope to inspire our suppliers to demonstrate our values of respect, responsibility and pioneering towards our planet and people. Together, we can realise a vision where sustainable sourcing solution for raw materials will be provided to our esteemed customers globally.

Are you an innovative company interested in collaborating with Mainchin Chemicals?

Paayal Kumarri
Director (Procurement & Vendor Development)


Mainchin Chemicals Group is open for long term supply partnership agreement, Manufacturers keen to associate with us as supply partner and willing to work for long-term to achieve common goal and grow together, please connect us at 

To encash the opportunities available with Indian Chemical Sector, Mainchin Chemicals Group is looking for like-minded business houses, manufacturers, supply partners to invest in India as local partner and interested partner can connect with our management at

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